United Hospitals Boat Club – Annual General Meeting 2021

Date: 06/09/2021

Time: 19:30

Location: Zoom

Meeting called by:

UHBC President

In attendance:

  • President
  • Incoming UHBC captains x 3
  • Safety advisor ULBH
  • ULBH representatives x 2
  • BL x 2
  • KCL x 2
  • ICSM x 2
  • RVC x 1
  • RUMS x 2
  • SGH x 1

Apologies for absence:

  • SGH x 1
  • ICSM x 1

Minutes written by:


Notes from the meeting

Agenda item:

ULBH Summary

Meeting notes:

Report from Safety Officer at ULBH

Health and safety courses:

  • Courses provided will be the same as preCOVID: first aid, launch driving, life jacket clinic and mental health training.
  • First aid training not compulsory. 4 day course. If a club opts out they will need to provide written proof of first aid training.
  • Health and safety talk by TRRC date TBC.
  • Mental health training online + president and safety officer required to complete as minimum.
  • Steering and safety test same as previous years, everyone is expected to take it and pass. It is not a closed book exam- deadline to complete will be the week before the time trial (24th October).
  • All these courses and the ULBC safety protocol will be sent out ASAP via email to club presidents.

Impact of the virus:

  • The boating timetable is now relaxed. Only restriction is encouraging mask wearing when using indoor facilities.
  • Thank you to all the clubs at ULBH for the way they conducted themselves over the pandemic. ULBH had very little cases and everyone acted very respectfully to the restrictions and timetables.
  • Taster days: booked from 15th September to 16th October please be mindful on these days.

Reminders to clubs before new academic year:

  • Need to complete BR safety audit (end of November).
  • First aid kit up to date please!
  • Boat maintenance many of the fleet are old and require some maintenance (particularly if they have not been used recently).
  • Incident over the summer captains please make sensible decisions re: coxing, conditions and supervision of outings.

Any concerns regarding any of the above or health and safety at ULBH, please get in contact with either ULBH or one of the UH Captains.

It was noted that TTRC, with LOT and LYR, are now boating from ULBH. The TTRC activity is unlikely to have significant impact on UH clubs activity especially on Wednesdays.

It was noted that KCL will continue to have broadly similar arrangements at TSSC.

Agenda item:

Agreeing UH captaincy for 2022/23

Meeting notes:

It was agreed nem con that SGHBC will provide the UH captains-elect for the academic year 2022/23.

Full details will be provided by Easter 2022.

Agenda item:


  • Summary of the 2020/21 year
  • Agreement to alter the list of authorised signatories on the mandate on the UH bank accounts to current UH captains

Meeting notes:

Summary of 2020/21 year:

In the 2020/21 year United Hospitals made a loss.

It was noted that the primary reason for the net loss was the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Resolution regarding bank mandate – The effect of this resolution is to ensure that the mandate reflects the list of current UH captains.

It was resolved nem con that:

The Authorised Signatories in the current mandate, for the accounts detailed in section 1.3 of the relevant business banking universal mandate, be changed in accordance with the section ‘Authorised Signatories’.

And the current mandate will continue as amended.

Agenda item:

Event dates for 2021/22

  • UH time trial – 30th October
  • Autumn Regatta – 27th November
  • Winter Regatta 23rd January
  • UH Head – 6th March
  • Bumps – 21st/22nd May
  • ?summer regatta 2nd/3rd June

Meeting notes:

Dates were noted. There were no issues identified with the proposed event calendar by the UH clubs or ULBH representatives.

Autumn regatta- 27th November. It was felt that there will not be sufficient entries to justify two separate events (UH Novice Regatta and UL Allom Cup) which would entail significant costs and the President proposed that the event will be run as a single regatta. The ULBH representatives present agreed with this proposal and undertook to ensure that the current ULBC captains are made aware of this proposal shortly. UHBC has commenced the usual preparations (safety plan approval by TRRC and PLA etc). UHBC will welcome assistance from ULBC in the lead up to the event and on the day.

UH Head- Sunday 6th March. Agreed this was the best date we could find, as it avoids BUCS, Hammersmith and WEHORR.

Bumps- 21st/22nd May. Agreed this was the best date as it is in between a weekends of other events (umpires will be busy) and tide times are favourable.

Agenda item:

UH Time Trial

  • Entries close 24th October (to be paid up/invoice submitted to union by this date also)

Meeting notes:

IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL CLUBS: we will be requiring invoices to be submitted or paid by the 24th October (one week before the race).

Course length: Pink Lodge to UL. Agreed by all clubs.

Format of the race: similar to TT in May, no official marshalling.

Price: £10 per boat- could potentially be cheaper, we will let everyone know final price once cost of race organisation has been confirmed.

25th October: meeting on Monday before the race to confirm organisational points.

Agenda item:

Bumps start order 2022

Meeting notes:

Lots of uncertainty on the Bumps 2022 starting order. Potential options: 2019 start order, 2021 start order, point system based off performance throughout the year or UH Head race result order.

UH Captains have spoken to individual club captains about their opinions on the order- various opinions given and noted.

Most likely will be 2019 order, but will decide closer to the time.

Agenda item:

HRR/HWR Campaign

Meeting notes:

There has been a lot of interest for this campaign to run in 2021/22- from discussions with Club Captains but also from individuals.

HWR: can occur similarly to previous years- starting training a few weeks post-UH head (late March).

HRR: should probably start earlier due to competitive entries and level of fitness required. Aim will be to send out interest forms to all clubs in September/October and provide training suggestions to build fitness early on in the year. Potentially aim to start weekly outings late in term 1/early term 2.

All rowers/coxes taking part in UH will be required to continue rowing with their respective clubs AT LEAST up to UH head.



AGM 7.19.20




4 incoming captains (RVC): 

Representatives of the 6 member clubs


ULBH safety adviser

ULBH Trust

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the last AGM – as per website. Agreed, nem con.
  3. Matters arising - nil
  4. Status of the member clubs (financial/membership/activity). There was a verbal report from each of the six clubs setting out the membership situation, likely financial situation and risks. There is a varied approach by the various educational organisations to aspects including funding and permitting student participation in sports. Several clubs reported that they would need access to the UHBC risk assessments in order to be permitted to enter events. In general membership, activity and funding will all be reduced this year due to the C19 impact.
  5. C19 Impact on ULBH and boathouse users. Verbal report from DT (ULBH Trust) and AP (ULBH safety advisor). DT set out the main changes which have been made to ULBH over the last few months, with increased security and restrictions on access to the boathouse facilities in line with BR guidance.
  6. Safety issues - steering/coxing testing, launches - AP discussed training and sign off process in launch watermanship, first aid, health & safety and steering/coxing watermanship. There was confirmation of the arrangements for the launch course and an explanation of the charges for this. AP confirmed that the course was highly desirable but not mandatory this year. AP said that the coxing test continues to be mandatory and a pass is essential prior to coxing or steering a boat from ULBH, or competing in an event at ULBH.
  7. British Rowing C19 guidance v6 - impact on competitions - JM set out the main provisions of the current (v6) BR guidance which describes how competitions should be set out to reduce the risk of C19 transmission:

Competition organisers

  1. Entries/registration desk
  2. Competitor instructions
  3. First aid
  4. Safety boats
  5. Marshalling boats
  6. Boating area/ Control Commission
  7. Equipment
  8. Umpiring
  9. COVID 19 officer

Host clubs (ULBH, [TSSC])

  1. Hygiene/C19 precautions
  2. Changing rooms
  3. Showers
  4. Toilets
  5. Catering

Competing clubs

  1. Hygiene/C19 precautions
  2. Restrict doubling up people/equipment

Covid-19 officer – UHBC JP - main responsibilities are shown as:

Involved in all aspects of event planning and operations, attend Organising Committee meetings and be present at the event to ensure compliance.

• Act as the main point of contact for all stakeholders with regards to Covid-19.

• Oversee the implementation of the relevant risk assessments.

• Act as the link between the event and venue operators and ensure both are following current up to date guidance.

• Keep up to date with the latest Government and British Rowing advice and guidelines on Covid-19.

• Communicate with the OC about any Covid-19 matters that have been raised concerning the event.

• Review the event risk assessments and safety documents and recommend changes when necessary with regards to being Covid-Secure.

• Promote good practice to event stakeholders and remind them of protocols where necessary.

• Ensure pre-event health questionnaires are completed and recorded for all participants attending the event, including volunteers and competitors, in case of the need to share details with NHS Test and Trace.

• Support the Race Committee with any related Covid-19 issues.

• Ensure that the latest British Rowing Covid-19 Guidance is being followed and implemented.

Practical issues – a preliminary view

Main issues land-side - Follow ULBH standard requirements (working with DT, AP, MP)

Reduced entries – run any combination of events which have two or more entries

One single day regatta organised by UH committee (no separate Allom cup as probably will not be viable – insurance, safety boat, radios etc)

Reduced experience/watermanship

High water on 28th November unhelpful – reduced boating/deboating rate in middle of day

Encourage external entries – ‘covid bubbles’

Reduce other ULBH users on day – impact on TK etc (run a 2x race?)

?use UL office as base to keep traffic down, outside bench if fine weather

Coxes’ meeting in advance electronically

Officials’ meeting in advance electronically

Run series of events with e.g. four entries (two heats and final with boats staying out)?

Reduced doubling

Strict boating times/bank marshalling

  1. Event calendar - confirm dates for regattas/head – subject to C19 situation - It was agreed that the winter regatta would be held on 17.1.21. By majority, the head race will be held on Sunday 22.21. The two alternative dates were noted (14.2.21 and 7.3.21) but issues identified with both dates.

JM noted that it would be highly unlikely that the annual dinner could occur in this academic year unless the pandemic situation changes considerably. The same applied to the other social events usually organised by UHBC, and it was agreed that the primary responsibility of the club was the safe organisation of rowing events.

  1. Financial report 2019-2020. JM said that the final balance sheet from 2019-20 had been agreed. JM thanked the previous captains (ICSM) and regretted that the year had been truncated by C1 It was that the profit from last years activity would be divided in the usual fashion (50% UHBC and 50% to ICSM).

JM proposed that the incoming captains be added to the bank mandate as soon as possible, whilst the outgoing captains should remain on the mandate until the incoming captains have access. JM also proposed that the address of the club should be shown as his address in order to ensure that any correspondence would be received reliably. Both motions agreed nem con.

JM also noted that the club needed to renew the event insurance before the time of the Autumn Regatta.

  1. Election of officers (in principle) for the academic year 201-2022. It was agreed nem comn that the standard rotation will be continued and that next year’s captains will be from RUMS.
  2. Next meeting – will be held on Monday 23rd November 2020, although an additional meeting may be called if needed.
  3. Any other business – Clubs asked to confirm the contact details of all their officers.





AGM 7.10.19




4 incoming captains (ICSM): T

3 outgoing captains (BL): 

Representatives of the 6 member clubs


ULBH safety adviser

ULBH Trust

  1. Apologies for absence – nil
  2. Minutes of the last Meeting (Committee, May 2019) - accepted
  3. Matters arising – nil not otherwise on agenda
  4. Update of contact details for each club – collated by incoming captains during meeting
  5. ULBH, strategy (): Discussion about future of college rowing within UL (and IC), summary of ULBH improvements likely to occur over the next 12 months, limitation of funding and issues related to outside racking, and future of Allom cup.
  6. Safety at ULBH: ULBH safety advisor 2019-2020 ()
    1. assessment of competency of coxes and steerspersons – required during next few weeks for all irrespective of successful completion last year, required prior to entry in events based at UL
    2. Other safety related issues, including adequacy of lifejackets and need to check regularly
  7. Financial report from last year and profit management (summary provided at meeting) – limited profitability especially from the Bumps which are only just viable. Regattas just profit making, more margin with head but overall break even and entry fees therefore appropriate. Noted that there is usually delay in getting the mandate changed for the incoming captains, the President proposed that he also become a signatory to avoid difficulty in future.
    1. Motion: Agreed nem con.
    2. Motion: Agreed nem con.
  8. Election of UH captains for 2020-2021 – to take effect from the Autumn term of the 2020-2021 academic year (by rotation)
    1. Motion - RVC proposed, accepted. The names of the new officers will be provided in due course by RVC. Agreed nem con.
  9. Confirmation of event dates
    1. UH Novice/Allom cup (30.11.19 +/- 14.12.19)
      1. Logistics – discussion confirming that novice regatta will occur on 30.11.19 for beginners (‘novice’) and intermediates (more experienced)
      2. Confirm closing date for entries – prior to 25.11.19 meeting
      3. Liaison with ULBC – regarding Allom cup. Although broad support for Allom Cup to continue on separate date, in practice the level of entries may be disappointing and not be sufficient to cover costs. Suggested further discussion before end of October to determine viability, otherwise some more senior events on 30.11.19 but probably at the end to not interfere with focus on novices.
    2. UH Winter 19.1.20 (confirmed)
    3. UH Head 1.3.20 (confirmed since last meeting)
    4. Bumps – options discussed, after some debate agreed that the Bumps will occur on Sunday 24.5.20 and Monday 25.5.20; at present the races will be quite early but the exact times will be determined in due course.
  10. Social events
    1. Annual Dinner 1.3.20
    2. Novice pub crawl 30.11.19
  1. AOB
    1. Launch/driver availability for HOR4s & VHOR4s (23/24.11.19) – further reminder from the President by e-mail shortly
    2. HWR 2020 – discussion about potential, noted points minima, logistics which need to be dealt with. Further discussion at next meeting.

Date of next meeting – Monday 25.11.19 19:00 CXH


Minutes UHBC AGM 1.10.18 

Present: RUMS, BL, SGH, GKT, ICSM, RVC, incoming UH captains, outgoing UH captains, President (Chair)
ULBH safety advisor (SP)

Apologies – Nil

Financial report 2017-18

UHBC made a modest profit from the various events in 2017-18, with break-even positions in the two regattas, profit in the bumps riverside being negated by a loss in the party, and a profit in the head and dinner (although the ratio of profit/turnover in the dinner in particular was low).

It was agreed that the operating surplus for 2017-18 should be split in the usual fashion between KCL and UHBC, taking into account the funding for HWR this year.

Vote of thanks to the outgoing captains.

Election of officers for academic year 2019-20 - ICSM nem con.

It was noted that RVC are next in the rotation for 2020-2021.

Safety - noted need for club safety audits to be completed before the end of November and these are a prerequesite for entry to the UH Novice Regatta.
Noted need for clubs to ensure that their coxes/steers are familiar with CPRT.
Noted need to ensure adequate lighting if rowing in poor visibility conditions.
Noted appointment of ULBH safety advisor and introduction to his role.
Agreed that we should consider introducing a system of testing coxes using a similar online test to that used by ULBC; agreed that this should be impelmented prior to the Novice Regatta and completion should be a prerequisite for any cox entering UH/UL events.

Novice Regatta - confirmed, aim to run mostly (if not all) on ebb. We will offer usual UH/non UH categories as entries allow for 'novice' and 'intermediate' crews (intermediate 8o and 4+ if demand). We will keep the name 'novice' despite BR classification changes. To seek invitational entries.
Entries close by the next meeting (Monday 26th November).
Coxes MUST be experienced.

Allom Cup date noted (Saturday 8th December)

Winter Regatta - discussion about date and possibility of running this in the Spring. Following some debate it wa snot possible to find a suitable date in April or May and therefore the event will continue in the January slot as usual.

Head race - to seek invitational entries. Annual dinner that evening.

Bumps - agreed nem con dates Sunday 26th & Monday 27th May 2019 - times on website but relatively early due to tides.

To assess feasibility of viable crew for either, modest funding available as per last two years. Update at next meeting.

Next meeting Monday 26th November 2018, The London, 19:30 (exact venue TBC).


Minutes UHBC AGM 02/10/2017

Present: RUMS, BL, SGH, GKT, ICSM, RVC, incoming UH captains, outgoing UH captains, President (Chair)

Apologies – Nil

Financial report 2016-17

UH is a non-profit making organisation with roughly a break-even position in the regattas. UH head was most profitable race assisted by the number of outside entries and Bumps the least (taking into account the outgoings for both the rowing and the party).

It is important to recognise that the balance held in the UH account is required for contingencies such as an event cancelled on the day which might lead to a substantial loss and so money must be held in the account to cover this.

There was an HRR scholarship offered this year.

The year-end position was confirmed and the percentage of the year profit reinvested in the club was agreed nem con.

Vote of thanks to the outgoing captains.

Election of officers for academic year 2018/19 – BL nem con.

Noted that ICSM are next in the rotation for 2019/20.

Constitution update

Proposed changes agreed nem con

Safety - noted that club safety audits need to be completed by 27th November. Race entries will not be accepted for the Novice regatta unless the audit is completed.

Discussion about navigation on the Tideway and clubs reminded to ensure all coxes are familiar with the Tideway code (link on website).


Novice Regatta: 3/12/2017

Includes two tide changes. Coxes must be experienced due to both the nature of the event (mainly beginner rowers) and the difficulties presented by the flood tide especially at the finish.

Entries by Wednesday 22/11/2017 £40 per crew

Pub Crawl: Post Novice regatta Pub Crawl - details will be confirmed nearer the time and shared to all Social Secretaries.

Bumps 2018

The dates for the Bumps will be the weekend of the 27th/28Th May 2018 – agreed by all clubs. Due to tides the racing is late – see website for full details. We aim to start the party as soon as racing ends.

Henley 2018

The performance of last year’s crews were noted. We wish to award a similar scholarship to a crew(s) this coming year with the aim to enter HWR or HRR. However it will only be awarded under the advisement of the Captains and the President based on the competitive potential of the crew/squad. A more comprehensive discussion can take place at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Monday 27/11/17 19:30 Guy’s Campus

The Agenda will be sent out closer to the time. The Novice regatta draw will be held as well as final details announced. If possible Fresher Captain(s) to attend.

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