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Risk assessment - head race

Safety documents - head race


Coxes notes

In marshalling area please keep bows straight into the stream


When asked to turn please make sure you go into the centre (avoid moving over to the Surrey bank)

Please keep sufficiently above the previous crew to allow them room to turn - the stream will push you into them

Second section crews move up as one group when first section starts to turn

Second section crews go well up Isleworth Ait

During race stay on the starboard aspect of the fairway but on the outside of all the red buoys

Overtaking crews move to centre (when safe to do so), slower crews move to the starboard side of the fairway

If a class V vessel is coming upriver at Kew officials there will call 'line astern' navigation which means no overtaking, keep on the starboard side of the class V vessel

United Hospitals Head Race
Course maps

Please boat in good time to get to the start on time - penalties for lateness

Update Sunday at 07:00: PLA fluvial flow flag now GREEN - we will run the full race as scheduled.
Please take care around bridges as the flow rates are still elevated.






United Hospitals Head Race Contingency plans - only to be used at direction of Chief Umpire
A: short course - start alongside Brentford Ait

B: short course - finish at ULBH


C: flood direction racing

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