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Please can all captains make sure that they are satisfied that crews are competent to deal with the flow conditions on the day


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The recirculation pattern in the marshalling area

Crews marshalling alongside Isleworth Ait: proceed in a loop up to Richmond lock, turn, downriver to the downriver end of Ilseworth Ait, then turn. Do NOT go downriver of the bend at the Pink Lodge.

Crews marshalling alongside the Middlesex wall downriver of the Pink Lodge: turn at the Pink Lodge, proceed downriver to the Syon crossing, turn to Middlesex. Do NOT go past the Pink Lodge.



United Hospitals Head Race 4.3.18
Details will be published neared the time

2017 Start order version 3 (published 16.2.17)

Please adhere to the boating timetable as there is likely to be congestion at ULBH.

Please ensure numbers are clearly visible on the cox and bow racing kit.

Please ensure that all competitors are suitably dressed for the cold and wet.

This version of the start order is subject to change.


DIVISION 1                12:00
CrewBoating time*ClubCategoryUHNotes
111:25Putney TownMens Senior 8NMarshal at Pink Lodge end of Isleworth Ait
211:25GKTWomen's Senior 8Y
311:25RUMSWomen's Senior 8Y
411:20SGHWomen's Senior 8Y
511:20RVCWomen's Senior 8Y
611:20BLWomen's Senior 8Y
711:15GKT AMens Senior 4Y
811:15SGHMens Senior 4Y
911:15GKT BMens Senior 4Y
1011:10BLMens Intermediate 4Y
1111:10ICSM AWomen's Intermediate 8N
1211:10University of KentWomen's Intermediate 8N
1311:05RUMSWomen's Intermediate 8Y
1411:05SGHWomen's Intermediate 8Y
1511:05KCLWomen's Intermediate 8N
1611:05ICSM PheonixWomen's Intermediate 8YMarshal at Richmond end of Isleworth Ait

Crews 17 and above come up when called

1711:00KCL AMens Novice 8NMarshal at Syon Crossing end (on Middlesex side)
1811:00BLMens Novice 8Y
1911:00RUMSMens Novice 8Y
2010:55SGHMens Novice 8Y
2110:55RVCMens Novice 8Y
2210:55ICSMMens Novice 8Y
2310:50University of Kent Mens Novice 8N
2410:50Putney TownMens Novice 8N
2510:45LSE AMens Novice 8N
2610:45KCL BMens Novice 8N
2710:45LSE BMens Novice 8NMarshal at Pink Lodge end

DIVISION 2             14:00
NumberBoating time*ClubCategoryUHNotes
2813:25ICSMMens Senior 8YMarshal at Pink Lodge end of Isleworth Ait
2913:25RUMSMens Senior 8Y
3013:20SGHMens Senior 8Y
3113:20BLMens Senior 8Y
3213:20GKTMens Senior 8Y
3313:15University of KentMens Senior 8N
3413:15RVC Mens Senior 8Y
3513:15SGH Old KnightsMens Senior 8Y
3613:10RUMSMens Intermediate 8Y
3713:10SGH Mens Intermediate 8Y
3813:10ICSM Mens Intermediate 8Y
3913:05KCLMens Senior 4N
4013:05RUMSWomen's Senior 4Y
4113:05SGHWomen's Senior 4Y
4213:05ICSMWomen's Senior 4Y
4313:05LSEWomen’s Intermediate 4NMarshal at Richmond end of Isleworth Ait

Crews 44 and above come up when called

4413:00BL AWomen's Novice 8YMarshal at Syon Crossing end (on Middlesex side)
4513:00ICSMWomen's Novice 8N
4613:00RUMS AWomen's Novice 8Y
4712:55RVC AWomen's Novice 8Y
4812:55GKTWomen's Novice 8Y
4912:55RVC BWomen's Novice 8Y
5012:50LSEWomen's Novice 8N
5112:50Putney TownWomen's Novice 8N
5212:50SGHWomen's Novice 8Y
5312:45University of KentWomen's Novice 8N
5412:45BL BWomen's Novice 8Y
5512:45RUMS BWomen’s Novice 8YMarshal at Pink Lodge end

* or time to pass ULBH if not boating from ULBH. Penalty for lateness at the start = 1second per minute of lateness
** Please monitor PLA fluvial flag - if YELLOW please seek advice from UHBC control


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