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Risk assessment - coronavirus




Facilities for medical aid and evacuation

First aid

Serious injury


UL Boathouse

(Tideway Scullers SC Boathouse for GKT)

Call ambulance via 999 ensure correct postcode is given to the operator.

By road

By air

1. Primary - ULBH

89 Hartington Rd, W4 3TU

Primary: ULBH

89 Hartington Rd, W4 3TU (need to clear tarmac to enable helicopter to land)

2. Tideway Scullers SC Dukes Meadows, W4 2SH

2.Univ. Westminster playing fields, Hartington Rd W4 3UJ (consider how to access from river)

3. Kew Gardens Car Park (Ferry Lane, off Kew Green TW9 3AH)

3. Syon Park

TW8 8JF (consider how to access from river)

4. Slipway adjacent to the London Apprentice, 62 Church St, TW7 6BG

(south of West Middx Hosp.)


United Hospitals BC

Informal time trial - Sunday 23rd May 2021

Subject to the local coronavirus conditions
All boat sizes accomodated - you bring it, we will time it.

Time Event
12:41 High water Kew Road bridge
14:00 First crew boating at ULBH
15:00 Wave 1 - crews where doubling occurring (spaced by approximately a minute)
15:15 Wave 2 - most crews (approximate, minute intervals)
16:30 Wave 3 - approximate - crews where doubling has occurred (from wave 1)
17:00 Crews return to ULBH

Please send entries to unitedhospitalsboatclub@gmail.com
by Sunday 16th May

Numbers will be supplied to each crew to be worn by bow.
Start order will be published by Thursday 20th.
We will hold a short briefing by Zoom in advance of the event - date and time TBC.

Clubs boating from ULBH must provide full details of all competitors to UHBC with their entries.

Clubs boating from ULBH will need to comply with the Covid arrangements in force at the time. Crews boating elsewhere will need to comply with the Covid arrangements at their boathouse.
There will be no contact between crews during the event.

There will be a detailed boating schedule for crews boating at ULBH; please adhere to this carefully.

Crews should present themselves to the marshal at the start between 15:00-17:00 (exact time TBC)

Please note that this informal time trial is being provided as an opportunity to assist training. United Hospitals BC will provide facilities for timing individual crews but this should not be seen as a competition and racing between crews will not be monitored or encouraged.

Stake 20 to UL finish line 3100m (1.94 miles)
Stake 20 to MAA finish line 3900m (2.44 miles)
Stake 1 to UL finish line 2200m (1.37 miles)
Stake 1 to MAA finish line 3000m (1.87 miles)

All crews must ensure that they follow the standard navigation for the upper Tideway at all times in accordance with the Tideway Code: https://www.boatingonthethames.co.uk/assets/Tideway%20Code_Digital%20(web).pdf

All crews must ensure that they follow their club and boathouse guidelines for reducing risks of transmission of coronavirus, in accordance with the latest version of the British Rowing guidelines at 

United Hospitals BC would like to make it clear that the participation of any crew in this informal time trial is at their own risk.

There will not be any formal safety provision nor specific race monitors. Crews should treat this time trial as essentially a normal training outing.

There will be marshals at the start, an official at Kew, and the finish, and a timing team at start and finish.

All crews should report to the marshal at the start (on the Middlesex side below the Pink Lodge) before proceeding upriver prior to turning. Failure to do so may mean that the crew will not be timed. Crews should present themselves to the start marshal between 15:00 and 17:00 (exact times TBC). If you are outside these times then it may not be possible to include you in the timing.

There will not be any formal marshalling of crews but please wait line astern behind any other crew reporting in to the marshal on the Middlesex side below Syon Park Pavillion and turn one crew after the other as instructed, and proceed down on the Surrey side towards the start.

Crews may take a standing or rolling start or alternatively they can land with the stream - care to keep the stern in and land stern end in first, and have a bumps style start from approximately stake number 24 (just below the wooden post on the Surrey side).

The start will be at approximately Bumps stake 20 and the finish will be at the University of London boathouse.

The timing teams may use the six figure boat ID to support boat identification so please make sure your boat ID is clearly visible on both sides of the boat.

Normal rules of navigation will apply throughout. All crews must adhere to all aspects of the restricted zones at Kew.

Although there will not be any race monitors, penalties may be applied for failure to adhere to the Tideway code or baulking other crews.

At the finish crews returning to ULBH must turn promptly to Middlesex provided that there are no powered vessels proceeding upriver. Other crews proceed downriver in accordance with the Tideway Code.

For covid risk assessment please see Risk assessment - coronavirus
For general risk assessment for head race please see Risk assessment - head race

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