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Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th May 2024

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2023 


United Hospitals Bumps Races

There is a variation in navigation for all oared boats against the stream at Brentford lock (local rules approved by the PLA) Please scroll down regarding navigating around the PLA moorings. The races will be held between the Syon Pavilion and Chiswick Bridge, with the tide in the navigational channel. The river will remain open at all times during the event. There will be the following temporary changes to the rowing code: The rowing crossing point at Syon (for all oared boats) will be moved to a temporary position off Brentford Lock As and when it is safe to do so competitors may overtake in the restricted zones As and when it is safe to do so competitors may follow the racing line. A bump is defined as boat, blade or person touching boat, blade or person [Covid 19 exception - person/person contact prohibited and will be penalised] A technical bump is defined as bows past bows. The start is marked by the two minute, one minute and start klaxons  The finish is when the sternpost of each boat passes the finish flag at MAABC (ALL crews - 2022). Coxes meeting 20:00 Thursday 25th May 2023. 

Information for Competitors
***Changed marshalling arrangements***

Competitors' instructions 2023
Results 2023
Coxes presentation 2023

Information for Non-competing Crews 
Please refer to the timetable

ALL oared boats need to follow the revised crossing arrangement going upstream 

See PLA events calendar:
Please follow officials' advice (when present). We will have officials at the revised crossing and the PLA mooring during the period that the revised arrangements are in place (if there are no officials in attendance please use the normal navigation rules).

EXTERNAL CREWS - we only have the revised navigation arrangements in place for the final marshalling phase and the actual race (there is a considerable time between each race when there are no crews there and the navigation reverts to normal). 
We will reduce the amount of time that the revised navigation arrangements are in place for in order to reduce the inconvenience to other river users, and this year will not commence the revised navigation arrangements until the time of the first klaxon (about five minutes before the race start). Before that time boats will contionue to proceed in the Surrey inshore zone (please be aware of the increased traffic and keep a good lookout).
If you have been asked to take the revised crossing at Brentford Lock by the race official stationed by the moored boat with the black and white arrows; then there will be a further official at the PLA mooring to assist your safe passage in this area.

There may be vessels moored at the PLA moorings. 

It is possible that crews will be able to pass between the PLA mooring and the wooden post ('red' route shown below) or between the woden post and the Middlesex bank with care ('yellow' route shown below). It may be necessary to move carefully out in front of the mooring to move round it  ('blue' route shown below).
Please follow the marshal's instructions at this point and take great care.

Please note that this applies to all oared boats, not just competitors.

Turning at your stake
Initially land with bows pointing upstream, keep bows into the shore.
Turn when instructed or at first klaxon